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Whether your letting re selling your property, curb appeal counts so don’t forget to pay attention to detail if you want to maximise your value and minimise void periods.

It is the outside of your house – the gate, the garden, the door, the walls, windows and roof – that create the first impressions and if potential buyers or tenants don’t like what they see they may not even step inside.

Here are some tips for improving first impressions

Front door
Make sure your front door is clean and smart and secure. Repaint it or replace it if necessary.

Walls, windows and roof
Repair minor defects to brickwork and masonry and replace any broken tiles. Make sure gutters are free of leaves and do not leak or overflow. Repaint walls if necessary. Clean windows and window frames often.

Name or number
Fit a shiny new door number or name sign. It identifies your property and shows you care about appearances.

Paths and driveway
Keep the paths and driveway free or leaves, weeds, and dirt. Use a pressure washer to make a big difference. When you are expecting a viewing, park your car elsewhere to leave the driveway and garage empty – it makes them look bigger.

Keep the gardens looking neat and well cared for. Mow the lawn, trim the hedges and bushes, remove weeds. Prioritise the front garden.

Gates and boundaries
Make sure the front gate is freshly painted, opens smoothly and does not squeak. Make sure all boundary walls and fences look obviously well maintained.

Wheelie bins
If you don’t have one already, buy or build a hideaway for the wheelie bins. If possible, avoid having a viewing at a bin collection time.

Ask Rise
We would be delighted to advise you on ways to present your property in order to achieve a quick sale at the best price.