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Paul Rickaby, Sales Director

People often ask us, when is the best time to sell a property? The simple answer is, when it feels like it’s the right time for you.

The housing market isn’t anything like as seasonal as it used to be, when sellers would wait until spring to put their property on the market, when the lighter nights and some colour in the garden were considered the secret to a successful sale.

These days, we all have much busier lives and there are many factors that can influence the need to sell or move home. A growing family, job relocation, financial pressure or the dream home coming up for sale are all common reasons why we might need or want to sell, sometimes quite unexpectedly.

Whilst December is undoubtedly the quietest month of the year for house sales, you may be surprised to learn that the week between Boxing Day and New Year’s Day is consistently one of the busiest weeks of the year for online property searches, with property website Rightmove reporting over 62 million visits to their website during this period last year*. The idea of moving home or finally getting on to the property ladder is no doubt a common New Year resolution for many.

So, whether its during the busy festive period or sometime in the near future, we would recommend that you put your house up for sale, when it feels like it’s the right time for you.

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